Flasks and Volumeters

Gilson offers a lineup of laboratory vessels designed for accuracy and ready to use right out of the box.


Filter Flasks

Filter Flasks

Starting at $54.00
Models: GW-74, GW-75, GW-76
Phunque Flasks for Specific Gravity Test
Models: SG-26, SG-27, SG-28
Volumetric Flasks

Volumetric Flasks

Starting at $12.50
Models: SG-100, SG-250, SG-500, SG-1000
Chapman Specific Gravity Flask
Model: SG-450
Hubbard-Carmick Specific Gravity Bottles
Models: SG-62, SG-63
  • Filter Flasks double as vapor traps for vacuum pump protection and as a vacuum container for weighing in air.
  • LeChatelier Specific Gravity Flask measures specific gravity of hydraulic cement, sand and other fine materials.
  • Phunque Flask Specific Gravity Set offers a fast, dependable method for specific gravity/absorption values of fine and coarse aggregate.
  • Volumetric Flask is calibrated to contain indicated volume at 20°C.
  • Chapman Specific Gravity Flask determines the percentage of surface moisture and voids in fine aggregates.
  • Hubbard & Carmick Specific Gravity Bottles are used for bituminous materials, asphalt, cements and soft tar pitches.