EZ-Clamp Upgrade Kit

EZ-Clamp Upgrade Kit for SS-15

EZ-Clamp Upgrade Kit for SS-15

Model: SSA-806
Price: $265.50
EZ-Clamp Upgrade Kit for SS-8R

EZ-Clamp Upgrade Kit for SS-8R

Model: SSA-807
Price: $304.00
EZ-Clamp Upgrade Kit for SS-12R

EZ-Clamp Upgrade Kit for SS-12R

Model: SSA-809
Price: $331.00

EZ-Clamp Upgrade Kits update clamping systems of older model Gilson Sieve Shakers, allowing for easier, more efficient operation. Knurled knobs with a push-button release slide freely up and down the clamp rods for smooth, easy placement. When positioned, a quick twist tightly secures the sieve stack. To remove the stack, simply push the EZ-Clamp button to raise and lift. The EZ-Clamp kit includes sliding push-button locking knobs, an integral sieve cover and clamp rods.

SSA-806 is used with SS-15 Sieve Shaker models.

SSA-807 is for SS-8R Gilson Tapping Sieve Shaker

SSA-809 is for SS-12R Gilson Tapping Sieve Shakers


  • Updates older model Gilson Sieve Shakers for higher efficiency and ease of operation
  • Models available for a variety of Gilson Sieve Shakers

Included Items:

  • EZ Clamp Upgrade Kits for SS-15, SS-8R or SS-12R models
Estimated Shipping Weight 8.0lb (3.63kg)
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Estimated Shipping Weight 8.0lb (3.63kg)
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