1lb Metal Canister for Reagent

Model: MAA-43
Price: $3.00

1lb (0.45kg) Metal Canister for Reagent is an empty moisture-tight metal can that can be filled from the 10lb (4.5kg can) of MAA-44 Calcium Carbide Reagent. The reagent is used for testing soil moisture in the field or lab with the MA-26X Aqua-Check Moisture Tester.


  • Smaller can allows for convenient field use
  • The moisture-tight lid keeps reagent dry

Included Items:

  • Empty 1lb Metal Can for Reagent
Quantity 1lb (0.45kg)
Estimated Shipping Weight 0.5lb (0.23kg)

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Quantity 1lb (0.45kg)
Estimated Shipping Weight 0.5lb (0.23kg)
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