No. 230 Cut-to-Order Polyester Cloth

Model: PM-C #230
Price/Sq Ft: $44.00
Total Price:

PM-C No. 230 (63µm) Cut-to-Order Polyester Cloth is an option when metallic wire cloth cannot be used for particle sizing. Polyester has good abrasion resistance and is very resistant to most acids and alkalis up to pH of 9-10. It also has very good wet stability. Each piece of cut screen cloth is priced by full square feet, so pieces cut to 10x10 inch or 2x3 inch would both be priced at one square foot. Prices shown are for square or rectangular pieces cut to the dimensions specified. Inquire for pricing of smaller pieces, special shapes, or pieces wider than standard 46in (1,168mm) roll width. Cloth cut to order is nonreturnable.


  • Opening sizes are similar to ASTM E11 openings, but may not meet tolerances
  • Screen cloth is cut to customer-specified dimensions
  • Polyester screen cloth has good wet stability and abrasion resistance
  • Acid and alkali resistant
  • Pricing is per whole square foot in square or rectangular pieces

Included Items:

  • No. 230 Cut-to-Order Polyester Cloth
Material Polyester
Mesh Opening Size No.230 (63µm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 0.1lb (0.045kg)

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Material Polyester
Mesh Opening Size No.230 (63µm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 0.1lb (0.045kg)
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