CBR Analog Component Set with 6,000lbf Load Ring

Model: HMA-684
Price: $887.00

Analog CBR Component Set w/6,000lbf Capacity is a grouping of high-quality products used to equip Load Frames to perform the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) laboratory tests. Components of the set easily install on the Load Frame and are also available separately. The set includes BRA-31 CBR Penetration Piston, with a 1/2in (12.7mm) diameter; BRA-34 Transducer/Dial Indicator Holder for securing to the Penetration Piston; MA-334 Dial Indicator, 1x0.001in to provide accurate displacement readings; and HM-428 6,000lbf Load Ring for measuring applied force.


  • Contains products needed for analog CBR testing
  • Easy to install on Load Frame

Included Items:

  • CBR Penetration Piston
  • Transducer/Dial Indicator Holder
  • Dial Indicator
  • 6,000lbf Load Ring


Load Capacity 6,000lbf
Estimated Shipping Weight 16.0lb (7.26kg)

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Load Capacity 6,000lbf
Estimated Shipping Weight 16.0lb (7.26kg)
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