1/16th Sample Reducers

Sample Reducers use chutes and dividers to cut a 1/16th representative sample from feed material by systematically rejecting segments of material flowing down the inclined surface.


Model: SP-50

Bulk samples are divided accurately when preparing representative test specimens for repeatable test results. The waste portion of the sample is deposited in a reject pan and the specimen fraction is diverted into a collection container. These reducers are effective for free-flowing granular materials with particle sizes up to 1/2in (12.7mm).

  • Gilson SP-52 1/16th Sample Reducers offer four times the sample capacity of traditional reducers and feature a spring-loaded positive locking knob for fast adjustment of the flow table to 45° or 60° angles.
  • SP-50 1/16th Sample Reducers are constructed mainly of durable aluminum and have flow tables that can be adjusted by repositioning of the mounting bolts.