Vertical Cylinder Cappers

6inx12in Vertical Cylinder Capper
6inx12in Vertical Cylinder Capper
Model: HM-166
Price: $369.50
4inx8in Vertical Cylinder Capper
4inx8in Vertical Cylinder Capper
Model: HM-164
Price: $250.00
3inx6in Vertical Cylinder Capper
3inx6in Vertical Cylinder Capper
Model: HM-163
Price: $240.00

Popular vertical design for capping concrete test cylinders assures smooth, right-angle end surfaces. Cylinder is placed into mold against upright guide after filling recess with molten capping compound. Timesaving HM-166 Lever-Matic model has built-in release lever to free capped cylinder.

Capper bottom plate is 1in (25.4mm) thick steel and ground to 0.002in (0.05mm) planeness with separate ring to form recess. Ring and vertical guide are removable to permit regrinding to proper planeness after extended use. Corner mounting holes are provided. HM-166 has a spring-loaded hand cam lever that tilts cylinder forward to release it from capper. HM-164 and HM-163 for smaller cylinders are similar to HM-166, but do not have the lever release.

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