VDO Verification Kit

VDO Verification Kit

VDO Verification Kit

Model: HMA-674
Price: $2,370.00
VDO Verification Kit (NIST Certified)

VDO Verification Kit (NIST Certified)

Model: HMA-674C
Price: $4,940.00

The VDO Verification Kit is used periodically to confirm that the touchscreen model HM-923 Vacuum Degassing Oven is producing specified temperature and vacuum values. The kit includes a 201°–1,210°C Verification Thermometer with accuracy of ± 0.03°C, an insulated Calibration Cover and Calibration Fixture for temperature verification, and a 0 to 30in Hg digital Vacuum Verification Gauge with 0.01 resolution. The kit is also available with NIST Certification.


  • Confirms that oven is accurately producing specified temperature and vacuum values

Included Items:

  • VDO Verification Kit
    • 201°–1,210°C Digital Thermometer
    • VDO Calibration Cover
    • VDO Calibration Fixture
    • 0 to 30in Hg Digital Vacuum Verification Gauge
    • Brass Extension Fitting Parts
Estimated Shipping Weight 18.0lb (8.16kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 18.0lb (8.16kg)