Triaxial Cell Accessories

Gilson Triaxial Test Cell Accessories contains all the components required to outfit Triaxial Test Cells from Gilson or other manufacturers for triaxial testing in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO standards. Components are size-specific to the samples being tested. Products are available as single items or included in the Test Cell Kits.


1.87in O-Ring Placing Tool
Model: HMA-577B
1.87in Two-Part Compaction Mold
Model: HMA-967B
1.87in Two-Part Vacuum Split Mold
Model: HMA-957B
1.87in Two-Part Miter Box
Model: HMA-977B
2.0in Test Cell Kit
Model: HMA-588
2.0in Filter Paper (Grade 55)
Model: HMA-772
2.0in Membrane Stretcher
Model: HMA-558
2.0in Sealing O-Rings
Model: HMA-568
2.0in O-Ring Placing Tool
Model: HMA-578
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Triaxial Cell Accessories
  • Test Cell Kits are required to outfit Test Cells to test specific sample sizes. Kits contain all components for a single sample size required to perform a test. Each kit includes a cap and pedestal, two Porous Stones, two Latex Membranes, and four O-Rings. The anodized aluminum caps have two drain ports and are grooved for O-Rings. Keyed pedestals with flow-through lines prevent pinching of tubing during set up.
  • Porous Stones allow two-way passage of water or permeant during testing and provide solid support at sample ends. Quality aluminum oxide stones have a permeability range of 15 to 18ft³ of air per minute, per square foot, and the average pore size of 179μm.
  • Grade 55 Filter Paper for use in triaxial shear strength testing. This high-purity round filter is equivalent to Whatman Grade 54 filter paper indicated for testing in many ASTM and AASHTO standards to filter fines. Available in five diameters ranging from 2.0 to 6.0in (51 to 152mm). For sizes not listed, use the next largest size.
  • Latex Membranes fit tightly around prepared soil specimens to provide a barrier against fluids in the pressurized Test Cell. Standard Latex Membranes are 0.012in thick, and Premium Membranes are 0.025in (0.6mm) thick. Supplied in packages of 12.
  • Membrane Stretchers are aluminum tubes slightly larger than specimen diameters. Fittings on the tube allow the use of a vacuum source to expand the Latex Membranes for easy placement.
  • O-Rings made of neoprene material fit into grooves around Specimen Caps or Pedestals, and seal the Latex Membranes tightly to protect the specimen from chamber fluid.
  • O-Ring Placing Tool is a simple split-ring design for easy placement of O-Rings without disturbing the sample.
  • Test Cell Cap & Pedestal Set includes only the anodized aluminum cap and pedestal fixtures for the top and bottom of samples. Other accessories are purchased separately.
  • Two-Part Compaction Molds are used to prepare compacted specimens for triaxial or permeability testing. Granular soils are compacted in a Mold with a latex membrane held in place by a vacuum source. Cohesive specimens are compacted in molds with no vacuum and later fitted in Latex Membranes.
  • Two-Part Compaction Mold Assembly is a complete unit for holding cohesive soil samples for triaxial or permeability testing.
  • Two-Part Vacuum Split Mold used to compact granular soil specimens for triaxial or permeability testing.
  • Two-Part Miter Boxes have many applications to trim soil samples to precise lengths for triaxial, permeability, unconfined compression, shear, and other tests.