Thickness Gauge (Flakiness Index)

Thickness Gauge (Flakiness Index)

Thickness Gauge (Flakiness Index)

Model: HM-925
Price: $58.00
Thickness Gauge (INDOT - Indiana)

Thickness Gauge (INDOT - Indiana)

Model: HM-924
Price: $58.00

Gilson Flakiness Index Gauges measure particle shape of aggregates used in pavement base course applications or asphalt and concrete paving mixes. It can also determine application rates of aggregate and asphalt material for pavement seal coats. The presence of flaky particles is undesirable and increases the possibility of pavement break-down under heavy loads.

Gilson offers two Stainless Steel Flakiness Index Gauges. Both are heavy-gauge stainless steel with precision laser-cut openings and etched size markings for each slot.

HM-925 Flakiness Index Gauge meets BS EN 933-3 specifications and features seven slots for rapid hand trying of particles from each of the seven sieve fractions from 2.5 to 0.25in (63 to 6.3mm). The mass of all flaky particles as a percent of the whole sample is the flakiness index.

HM-924 Thickness Gauge (INDOT - Indiana) meets Indiana Department of Transportation standard ITM-224-18 and has five slots for manual checking of particles. Openings range from 0.25 to 1in (6.35 to 25.4mm).


  • Laser-cut heavy-gauge stainless steel for superior accuracy and service life
  • Laser-etched markings clearly label each slot

Included Items:

  • Gilson Thickness Gauge
Product Dimensions 15 x 6 x 0.375in (381 x 152 x 9mm), WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 3.0lb (1.36kg)

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Product Dimensions 15 x 6 x 0.375in (381 x 152 x 9mm), WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 3.0lb (1.36kg)
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