Temperature Probes

20cm Temperature Probe

20cm Temperature Probe

Model: OBA-701
Price: $258.00
25cm Temperature Probe

25cm Temperature Probe

Model: OBA-702
Price: $334.00

Temperature Probes for Ohaus Guardian 5000 and 7000 Hotplate Stirrers are external probes that connect to the resistance temperature detector (RTD) port in the rear of the unit for precision control of the sample temperatures. Probes are constructed of stainless steel.


  • Precisely measures and maintains the temperature of liquid specimens
  • Feedback to Guardian hotplates regulates temperature output

Included Items:

  • Temperature Probe (20 or 25cm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 1.0lb (0.45kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 1.0lb (0.45kg)