Suspension Scales

Suspension Scales are efficient for weighing bulky samples or in determining pulp density/specific gravity. Suspension scales can weigh heavy and larger samples but are not as accurate or precise as a more sophisticated platform or bench models.


Pulp Density / Specific Gravity Scale
Models: CS-10, CS-10S, CS-10W
Suspension Scale
Model: CS-60
Adam SHS Crane Scales

Adam SHS Crane Scales

Starting at $479.00
Models: CP-52, CP-54, CP-56
Suspension Scales
  • Pulp Density/Specific Gravity Scales offer a wide range for weighing pulp density and the specific gravity of dry solids, liquids, and pulps.
  • Suspension Scales easily hang from S-hooks for efficient weighing of suspended materials and are ideal for field use.
  • Adam SHS Crane Scales available in 100, 300, and 600lb capacities and different readability ranges and used in the field for weighing large bulk samples.