Type N Schmidt Test Hammers

Schmidt Hammers, Type N models evaluate strength, hardness, and consistency properties of hardened concrete. Each generates impact energy of 2.207Nm (1.63ft-lbf) for non-destructive testing of concrete elements 4in (100mm) or more in thickness. Type N concrete rebound hammers are available in several models with a variety of recording and reporting features.


Type N Schmidt Hammers Comparison Chart

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  • Original Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer is an analog Type N hammer produced by the original Swiss manufacturer. The spring mechanism releases the steel plunger of the HM-75, and the rebound value is read from a sliding indicator. This industry-trusted solution has been in use since the 1950s.
  • Schmidt Digital Rebound Hammer uses the same steel plunger mechanism as the original analog Schmidt, but the HM-84 takes measurements electronically, and data collection, sharing, and management are enhanced with the Schmidt Live app. Designed to work in conjunction with iOS and Android systems for real-time web reporting and data sharing.
  • Silver Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer with Type N energy rating has precision optical encoders and a lightweight aerospace alloy plunger to measure impact values. The HM-89 features automatic position correction and is unaffected by internal friction. Rebound numbers are expressed as Q values, for better accuracy in higher compressive strength ranges, up to 17,405psi (120mPa) with user-generated correlation curves. Designed for use with the Schmidt Live App in iOS and Android smart devices for recording, processing, and sharing of data.
  • Rock Schmidt Test Hammer is designed exclusively for geological and geotechnical applications to measure hardness, strength, and consistency of rock formations. The HM-82 Type N model includes RockLink software for analysis and reporting, development of correlation curves, and data collection.