Portable Turbidity Meter Kit

Model: MA-267
Price: $1,015.00

The amount of suspended particles in water is quickly determined with the Portable Turbidity Meter Kit. This easy-to-use hand-held instrument accurately measures turbidity by intensity of reflected light. Values are proportional to the quantity of suspended particles in the sample. The MA-267 meets EPA specifications for testing drinking water and is useful for measuring clarity of aqueous solutions in general. Inquire for a separate unit meeting ISO 7027 standards.

Range selection is automatic over a total range of 0—4,000 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Units) with accuracies of ±0.05 NTU from 0—2.5 NTU, ±2% from 2.5—100 NTU, and ±3% above 100 NTU. Resolution is 0.01—1.0 NTU, dependent upon range. Other features include IP67 waterproof construction, tungsten light source, six line backlit LCD display, 500 point data-logging, and auto shut-off. Meter carries the CE mark. Optional SmartLink 3 software can be purchased separately for data transfer to PC.

MA-267 Portable Turbidity Meter includes meter, 0, 1, and 10 NTU Calibrating Standards, sample bottle, four sample tubes, USB cable with wall plug adapter, and waterproof carrying case. Power is provided by a built-in 3.7V Lithium ion battery, rechargeable via included USB cable or 115V AC wall adapter. A 12VDC Car Charger is optional.

Dimensions Meter Dimensions: 7.5x3.5x2.5in (191x88x64mm), LxWxH
Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 6lb (3kg).

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Dimensions Meter Dimensions: 7.5x3.5x2.5in (191x88x64mm), LxWxH
Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 6lb (3kg).
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