Laboratory Disk Mills

Hand-Cranked or Motorized Laboratory Disk Mills provide effective performance for limited dry or wet grinding to moderate fineness. Mills are useful for coal, chemicals, ores, pharmaceuticals, nuts, grains, and other friable materials. 


Model: LC-80

Motorized Disk Mill

Starting at $2,002.00
Models: LC-82, LC-82S, LC-82F

Both the Hand-Crank and Motorized Disk Mill process materials between a set of iron alloy fixed and rotating 4in (102mm) diameter grinding disks for reduction. Feed hoppers have 50in³ (0.8L) volume, and final fineness is easily set by thumb screw adjustment of grinding disk clearance. No.80—No.100 (180—150μm) is typical fineness limit. Mills disassemble quickly without tools for cleaning.

Disk mills are supplied with tooth-type feed augers for dry materials and a set of fine-grinding disks. For wet or oily materials, optional Wet-Feed Auger sets are available and include a worm-type feeder and fine-grinding disks. LCA-171 Coarse Grinding Disk Set fits either mill and allows higher throughput of coarse product. LCA-171 is purchased separately.

  • Hand-Crank Disk Mill – A bench-mountable unit, the Hand-Crank Disk Mill attaches by screw clamp to a surface thickness of up to 1.5in (38.1mm). Throughput varies with material type, but 10lb (4.5kg) per hour is typical.
  • Motorized Disk Mill – Available in 115V (60Hz) and 230V (50 or 60Hz) capacity, Motorized Disk Mills have a 1/3hp single phase gearmotor mounted on a rigid cast aluminum base, with a plated cast iron body. Throughput varies with type of material, but 40lb (18kg) per hour is typical.