Grinding Vessel Vario-Lid System

Model: FTA-471
Price: $692.00

Grinding Vessel Vario-Lid System is used with the Fritsch Knife Mill and consists of a lid with a plunger and a reduction sample pusher to manually compress and loosen sample material. The plunger is freely adjustable, and the reduction sample pusher is used to compress moist, liquid, or viscous samples. The Vario-Lid System can reduce the volume of the grinding chamber from 1.4 to 0.54L, resulting in a homogenous sample with a narrow particle range for small sample quantities or samples that are difficult to grind.


  • Freely adjustable plastic plunger
  • Compress and loosen materials during grinding
  • Achieve a narrow particle size range

Included Items

  • Grinding Vessel Vario-Lid System
Material Polypropylene
Estimated Shipping Weight 1.15lb (0.52kg)

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Material Polypropylene
Estimated Shipping Weight 1.15lb (0.52kg)