Concrete Resonant Frequency

Model: HM-195
Price: $11,866.00

HM-195 Concrete Resonant Frequency (Emodumeter™) measures the resonant frequency of concrete and other materials for determinations of Young’s modulus, modulus of rigidity, and Poisson’s ratio. This device is used extensively in the lab for nondestructive analyses of concrete freeze-thaw samples. The impact of a hardened steel ball is sensed by an accelerometer, then values are displayed by the Emodumeter™. The frequency spectrum is computed and displayed by the meter. Three different modes of vibration are measured: longitudinal, transverse (flexural), and torsional.

Samples with cross-section up to 6in (150mm) and length from 1.75in (45mm) to 28in (700mm) can be tested. The frequency range is 10Hz to 40kHz, with 4.9 to 78.1Hz resolution. The maximum amplitude is automatically calculated, eliminating cumbersome frequency scanning. Time-domain and frequency spectrum results for 200 tests can be stored and uploaded to a PC for further analysis.

The system includes the Emodumeter™ in an integral sturdy plastic carrying case, accelerometer with pick-up cable, set of six hardened steel balls, universal charger, RS-232 cable, software, and specimen bench fixture. Emodulinx software is also included and allows to user to export data to a PC for management and analysis. The charger includes a universal plug adapter and operates on 110 to 240V/47 to 63Hz. 12V rechargeable battery allows 4 to 10 hours of continuous use.


  • Measures three different vibration modes
  • The frequency range of 10Hz to 40kHz
  • Frequencies automatically show in the display
  • Data can be stored for upload to user’s PC
  • Backlit display for daylight use

Included Items:

  • Concrete Resonance Frequency Meter
  • Accelerometer
  • Six Hardened Steel Balls
  • Universal Charger with a plug adapter
  • RS-232 Cable
  • Emodulinx Software
  • Specimen Bench Fixture
  • Plastic Carrying Case
Temperature Range Operating: 0°C–40°C
Estimated Shipping Weight 45.0lb (20.41kg)

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Temperature Range Operating: 0°C–40°C
Estimated Shipping Weight 45.0lb (20.41kg)
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