Direct Shear Accessories

Cutters, extruders, and porous stones are designed for use together in preparing direct shear soil strength samples and are available in sizes that correlate to the sample.


Direct Shear Test Accessories for Soil Strength
  • Cutters come in round or square shapes and are used to precisely trim the sample to fit into a Shear Box.
  • Extruders are also designed in round or square shapes, and easily remove the soil sample from the corresponding size Shear Box when testing is complete.
  • Porous Stones correspond to specimen sizes and are placed at the top and bottom of the soil sample to support the test specimen and allow the flow of water.
  • Grade 55 Filter Paper is used in testing direct shear soil samples. This round paper has high wet strength. Available in five diameters ranging from 2.0 to 6.0in (51 to 152mm), and equivalent to Whatman Grade 54 Filter Paper recommended in numerous ASTM and AASHTO test standards.