Cut-To-Order Stainless Wire Cloth, 1"

Model: WC-3S 1"
Price/Sq Ft: $70.00
Total Price:

1 inch (25.0 millimeter) cut-to-order All Stainless Steel ASTM Screen Cloth delivers the longest possible service life and is a good choice if contamination or wear are concerns. Each piece of cut wire cloth is priced by full square feet, so pieces cut to 10x10 inch or 2x3 inch would both be priced at one square foot. Prices shown are for square or rectangular pieces cut to the dimensions specified. Inquire for pricing of smaller pieces, special shapes, or pieces wider than standard 46 inch roll width.

Please note that this item is nonreturnable.

Material All Stainless Steel
ASTM E11 Opening Size 1in (25.0mm)

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Material All Stainless Steel
ASTM E11 Opening Size 1in (25.0mm)
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