Clearance, 5gal Bucket & Cover

Model: MAA-141CL
Price: $22.00

Clerance Details:

  • New - cosmetic dent from shipping

MAA-141 5gal Bucket and Cover is rugged and made of metal. For use with the portable MA-66 5gal Light-Duty Stationary Mixer. The bucket can be placed in an oven to pre-heat samples in small batch testing of asphalt, concrete or cement.


  • 5gal (19L) capacity
  • Heavy-duty metal
  • Can be pre-heated in oven

Included Items:

  • MAA-141 5gal (19L) Utility Bucket
  • Cover
Estimated Shipping Weight 6.0lb (2.72kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 6.0lb (2.72kg)