Sample Tray Assembly

Model: HMA-69
Price: $1,055.00

Sample Tray Assembly is rugged stainless steel expanded metal units that withstand the extreme heat of the HM-378 Gilson Asphalt Content Furnace. The bottom of the sample basket is lined with wire mesh to reduce sample loss. The assembly includes a sample tray, basket, and cover. Order additional tray assemblies for increased efficiency when processing multiple samples.


  • Durable expanded metal is 100% stainless steel
  • Construction stands up to extreme heat
  • • Wire mesh basket liner reduces sample loss
  • • Extra tray assemblies increase processing efficiency

Included Items:

  • Sample Tray Assembly
    • Sample tray
    • Basket
    • Cover
Material Stainless Steel
Estimated Shipping Weight 20.0lb (9.07kg)

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Material Stainless Steel
Estimated Shipping Weight 20.0lb (9.07kg)
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