Whitehouse Sieve Standards

Whitehouse Sieve Standards have NIST traceability and are optimal for performance testing and establishing effective openings of sieves from No. 6 to No. 635 (3.35mm to 20µm).  While sieve standards do not take the place of Verification, periodic checks serve as an indicator of when to replace sieves, and these calibrations can be performed in minutes with no need to ship the sieves back or take them out of service.


Model: BS-420
Model: BS-419
Model: BS-418
Model: BS-417
Model: BS-416
Model: BS-415
Model: BS-414
Model: BS-413
Model: BS-412
Model: BS-411
Model: BS-410
Model: BS-409
Model: BS-408
Model: BS-407
Model: BS-406
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Highly spherical beads made from 2.45 specific gravity soda-lime glass are certified for size using precision electroformed sieves with checks using microscopy and image analysis. After processing on a sieve, the average aperture size is quickly read from the provided calibration graph.

Each Whitehouse Sieve Standard comes as five single-use vials of glass beads for use with a single sieve size. A single vial is used for 8in or 200mm sieves, while two to five vials are used for sieves up to 18in or 450mm in diameter.

Whitehouse has been selected by the Community Bureau of Reference (BCR) to produce standards for the European Community. Whitehouse Sieve Standards are traceable to NIST, NPL and BCR.