Vacuum Flask Stoppers

No.1 Vacuum Flask Stopper

No.1 Vacuum Flask Stopper

Model: GWA-501
Price: $5.00
No.2 Vacuum Flask Stopper

No.2 Vacuum Flask Stopper

Model: GWA-502
Price: $6.00
No.4 Vacuum Flask Stopper

No.4 Vacuum Flask Stopper

Model: GWA-504
Price: $9.00

Vacuum Flask Stoppers are used for deairing operations. These stoppers will fit pycnometer flasks like Volumetric Flasks or the No.4 stopper will also fit Iodine Flasks. All stoppers have single holes with barbed fittings for connection to 3/8in vacuum tubing.

GWA-501 No.1 Stopper will fit 250ml Volumetric Flasks

GWA-502 No.2 Stopper will fit 500ml Volumetric Flasks

GWA-503 No.4 Stopper will fit 1,000ml Volumetric Flasks and all Iodine Flasks


  • Forms a leak-proof seal for efficient deairing
  • Metal barbed fitting for quick connection of vacuum tubing

Included Items:

  • Vacuum Flask Stopper (No.1, No.2, or No.4)
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