Vacuum Flask Stoppers

No. 1 Vacuum Flask Stopper

No. 1 Vacuum Flask Stopper

Model: GWA-501
Price: $5.00
No. 2 Vacuum Flask Stopper

No. 2 Vacuum Flask Stopper

Model: GWA-502
Price: $6.00
No. 4 Vacuum Flask Stopper

No. 4 Vacuum Flask Stopper

Model: GWA-504
Price: $9.00

Vacuum Flask Stoppers are used for deairing operations. These stoppers will fit pycnometer flasks like Volumetric Flasks or the No. 4 stopper will also fit Iodine Flasks. All stoppers have single holes with barbed fittings for connection to 3/8in vacuum tubing.

GWA-501 No. 1 Stopper will fit 250ml Volumetric Flasks

GWA-502 No. 2 Stopper will fit 500ml Volumetric Flasks

GWA-503 No. 4 Stopper will fit 1,000ml Volumetric Flasks and all Iodine Flasks


  • Forms a leak-proof seal for efficient deairing
  • Metal barbed fitting for quick connection of vacuum tubing

Included Items:

  • Vacuum Flask Stopper (No. 1, No. 2, or No. 4)
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