Reverification of Used Sieves

Gilson Reverification of Sieves confirms that your in-service sieves continue to meet ASTM or ISO specifications as they age.


Your sieves are shipped to our Verification Laboratory, where they undergo a process identical to the Verification of New Sieves. Gilson individually measures a specified number of openings in each test sieve using an NIST traceable optical comparator. The computerized system performs a statistical analysis of the measurements and provides a verification report to document that the sieve meets Inspection grade or Calibration grade ratings.

Sieves with backing cloth installed cannot be verified to Inspection or Calibration grade.

  • ASTM E11 Test Sieve Reverification for sieves with popular frame diameters from 3in to 18in, and mesh opening sizes from 4in to No. 635 (100mm to 20µm); can be reverified to Inspection or Calibration Grades.
  • ISO 565/3310-1 Test Sieve Reverification for sieves with 200 or 300mm frames in all ISO mesh sizes; can be reverified to meet Inspection or Calibration Grade requirements.

Sieve Reverification Process:

Gilson Sieve Reverification Process