Soil Sampling Augers

Designs of Gilson Soil Sampling Auger Heads are optimized for use with specific soil types. The soil augers, along with extensions, cross handles, and quick-connect pins, are available with either carbon-steel or stainless-steel construction. Auger heads with hex fittings attach easily to the extensions and cross handles using quick-connect pins.


Standard Soil Augers

Standard Soil Augers

Starting at $180.00
Models: SP-254, SP-256, SP-258, SP-259
Clay Augers

Clay Augers

Starting at $216.00
Models: SP-261, SP-262, SP-264, SP-266
Sand Augers

Sand Augers

Starting at $193.00
Models: SP-268, SP-269, SP-271, SP-272
Mud (Dutch) Augers

Mud (Dutch) Augers

Starting at $135.00
Models: SP-274, SP-278
Soil Augers
  • Standard Soil Augers sample most soil types, feature an open bit design, and are available in 3in (76mm) and 4in (102mm) diameters.
  • Clay Augers have an open face design and work well for collecting samples of cohesive soils. Available in 3in (76mm) and 4in (102mm) diameters.
  • Sand Augers are designed for sampling loose sandy soils and have closed bits to retain cuttings. They are available in 3in (76mm) and 4in (102mm) diameters.
  • Mud Augers are best-suited for sampling muck-like, boggy, peat, and root-bound soils. This auger offers an open design and is available in 3in (76mm) diameter.