New Product Announcement: Ideal-RT Test Fixture

Wednesday, March 20, 2024
New Product: Ideal-RT Test Fixture

The new Ideal-RT Test Fixture is an effective way to determine the resistance to rutting, or rutting tolerance, at high temperatures of asphalt mixtures. Simply place a 150mm dia. Superpave Gyratory, Marshall, or Field Core specimen in the center of the text fixture, then position the fixture on the platen on an asphalt load frame capable of applying a constant load of 50 ±2.0mm/min until failure.

Once loaded to failure, the following can be calculated:

  • Shear strength using the measured maximum load
  • Rutting Tolerance Index (RTIndex) using the shear strength value

Learn more about the Ideal-RT Test Fixture and how this test can assist in determining the rutting potential of asphalt mixes.