Microsurfacing/Slurry Seal Testing Kit

Model: HMA-828
Price: $2,900.00

HMA-828 Microsurfacing/Slurry Seal Testing Kit for use with the HM-459 Asphalt Pavement Analyzer in testing performance of micro-surfacing and slurry seal mix designs for pavement preservation. This test kit comes with rectangular beam-type molds, rubber wheels, and software to collect and store test data on the user’s PC.


  • Includes components needed for micro surfacing and slurry seal testing
  • Tests in accordance with AASHTO standards

Included Items:

  • Microsurfacing/Slurry Seal Testing Kit
Estimated Shipping Weight 56.0lb (25.40kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 56.0lb (25.40kg)