Liner Sleeve Top Extenders (Package of 5)

Model: CTA-19
Price: $15.00

CTA-19 Liner Sleeve Top Extenders are used with Concrete Humidity Measurement Kits and CTA-18 and CTA-20 Plastic Hole Liner Sleeves w/ Caps in measuring relative humidity in concrete floors. The extenders provide a tight seal against moisture at shallow depths when the probe extends above the concrete surface. The Extender fits into the lip of the Sleeve to seal off the RH probe, and the blue head is easily removed to take readings. Extenders fit both the 1.8in (45.7mm) and 3in (76mm) long sleeve. Available in package of 5.


  • Fits standard and extra-long sleeves
  • Seals the probe tightly for shallow-depth testing

Included Items:

  • Liner Sleeve Top Extenders
Quantity 5/pkg
Estimated Shipping Weight 2.0lbs (0.91kg)

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Quantity 5/pkg
Estimated Shipping Weight 2.0lbs (0.91kg)