Cutting Mills

Fritsch Cutting Mills are used to cut soft to medium-hard, brittle, tough, fibrous, or temperature-sensitive sample materials, as well as prepare heterogeneous mixtures. Sample size reduction is achieved by the cutting and shearing action achieved by the rotor and fixed knives, similar to the cutting action of a pair of scissors. Standard and large models feature variable rotation speed of 300–3,000rpm.

Choose from a variety of accessories to configure these laboratory cutting mills to meet project demands, such as funnels, collecting vessels, cutting tool sets, sieve inserts, and stands. The final fineness is determined by the mill configuration and the sieve insert. Sieve inserts are available with trapezoidal or square perforations, and rotors are available in several materials with a V-cutting edge, notched edge, or straight edge.


Fritsch Standard Universal Cutting Mill
Models: FT-19, FT-19V
Fritsch Large Universal Cutting Mill
Models: FT-19L, FT-19LV
  • Fritsch Standard Universal Cutting Mills are standard-size mills with a maximum feed size of 70x80mm and achieve a final fineness of 0.1–20mm, depending on the material and sieve size.
  • Fritsch Large Universal Cutting Mills are larger, powerful models suitable for bigger sample quantities. Maximum feed size is 120x85mm, and final fineness is 0.25–20mm, depending on the material and sieve size.