Half-Cell Probe Kits for Elcometer Cover Meters

Half-Cell Probe Kit (Copper Sulphate)

Half-Cell Probe Kit (Copper Sulphate)

Model: RLA-30
Price: $668.00
Half-Cell Probe Kit (Silver Chloride)

Half-Cell Probe Kit (Silver Chloride)

Model: RLA-32
Price: $832.00

Half-Cell Probe Kits for RL-102A Elcometer Cover Meter SH measure rebar corrosion potential using copper/copper sulphate or silver/silver chloride conductive solutions. Probes are interchangeable with Search Heads. Each Cell Kit comes as a sealed unit with no mixing of chemicals required on-site. Each kit also includes a 5.5ft (1.7m) rebar connecting cable with clip and an 80ft (25m) extension cable on a spool. The Half-Cell kits are guaranteed for five years.

RLA-30 Half-Cell Probe Kit is configured with Copper/Copper Sulphate conductive solution.

RLA-32 Half-Cell Probe Kit is configured with Silver/Silver Chloride conductive solution.


  • Available in copper sulphate or silver chloride configurations
  • Chemicals require no mixing
  • Five-year shelf life guarantee

Included Items:

  • Copper Sulphate Half-Cell Probe Kit, or
    Silver Chloride Half-Cell Probe Kit
  • 5.5ft (1.7m) Rebar Connecting Cable with Clip
  • 80ft (25m) Extension Cable
Estimated Shipping Weight 6.0lb (2.72kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 6.0lb (2.72kg)