Grout Sample Box Fixture

Model: HMA-349
Price: $37.00

HMA-349 Grout Sample Box Fixture reinforces the cardboard HM-295 Grout Sample Box (GSB), which fits securely within the fixture. HMA-349 is constructed of sturdy steel which maintains the square shape and promotes consistency of the four grout specimens in the sample box. The ventilated design of the steel fixture allows excess moisture to escape from the samples.


  • Maintains shape and integrity of Grout Sample Box
  • Open ventilated design enables the release of moisture from samples

Included Items:

  • HMA-349 Grout Sample Box Fixture
Material Steel
Estimated Shipping Weight 4.0lb (1.81kg)

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Material Steel
Estimated Shipping Weight 4.0lb (1.81kg)
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