GP8800 GPR Live Pro Software, One-Year Subscription

Model: CTA-59
Price: $3,135.00

Live Pro Software, One-Year Subscription, is an annual renewal of the necessary software to track and share data collected with GP8800 Ground Penetrating Radar units.

Live Pro Software uses the powerful post-processing capacity, high visual resolution, and reporting and collaboration feature built into the iPad being used with the sensing unit as an ideal platform to view, collect, and distribute results. Visualizations, graphics, and report data can be shared instantly to the cloud from any location. Data migration processing displays results with realistic 2D and 3D imagery throughout the detection depth. Using Apple’s ARKit™, augmented reality (AR) images can be overlaid on the real-world environment when viewed through the iPad, providing real-time, in-situ imaging of subsurface elements.

Data is tracked and secured in the cloud through the Proceq Logbook, allowing post-processing and data reviews from any iPad logged into the account, as well as live data sharing. All measurements, changes, and gain and filter settings are tracked and included with the scan. Geolocation, photos, audio notes, and comments can be added for quick reporting of details to off-site personnel. Images and data can be shared via URL, HTML, etc.

Both CT-154R and CT-156R GPR Live Pro systems require a software subscription for full functionality. A two-year subscription is included with each unit at the time of purchase, and subsequent one-year subscriptions are required beginning two years after receiving and activating the GPR system’s original subscription. Free updates and releases of new versions of the software are included for the life of the subscription.


  • Displays results with realistic 2D and 3D imagery throughout detection depth
  • Securely track, store, and share data instantly through the cloud
  • Real-time, in-situ imaging when using Apple’s ARKit™ for augmented reality

Included Items:

  • One-Year Subscription Renewal for Live Pro Software
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