Fine Grinding Disk Set

Model: LCA-170
Price: $101.00

Fine Grinding Disk Set is for use with the LC-80 Hand Crank Disk Mill and the LC-82 series of Motorized Disk Mills and produces smaller particle sizes than other disks. Includes 4in fixed and rotating disks. Ordering additional disk sets for sole use with specific sample types helps avoid contamination.


  • Produces smallest particle sizes
  • Hard iron alloy is rugged and long-lasting
  • Works with hand-cranked and motorized disk mills

Included Items:

  • LCA-170 Fine Grinding Disk Set
    • 4in Fixed Disc
    • 4in Rotating Disc
Diameter 4in (152mm)
Material Iron Alloy
Estimated Shipping Weight 1.0lb (0.45kg)

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Diameter 4in (152mm)
Material Iron Alloy
Estimated Shipping Weight 1.0lb (0.45kg)
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