Dust Exhaust System

Model: FTA-180
Price: $2,897.00

Exhaust System can be attached to the Fritsch Disk Mill or Fritsch Jaw Crusher to automatically remove fine dust that arises during grinding, resulting in especially safe and dust-free operation. This system is also useful when cleaning the grinding parts.

Filter bags are required for the exhaust system and are purchased separately. Fleece bags should be used to vacuum fine, dry materials, and plastic bags should be used to vacuum coarse, wet materials.


  • Useful when cleaning the grinding parts
  • Reduces fine dust for safe operation
  • Compatible with the Disk Mill or Jaw Crusher

Included Items

  • Exhaust System


  • Filter Bags are made of fleece or plastic and used with the Exhaust System.
Estimated Shipping Weight 26.5lb (12kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 26.5lb (12kg)