Chiller for APA Jr.

Model: HMA-820
Price: $9,875.00

The HMA-820 Chiller for APA Jr. is an optional accessory to help cool the main chamber of the HM-457 Asphalt Pavement Analyzer Junior. Using the Chiller together with the standard heating elements of the analyzer, chamber temperature is accurately controlled from -9° to 80°C (15° to 176°F). The Chiller also adapts the APA Jr. to perform a variety of other tests, including high-contact pressure testing for airport runways and taxiways, microsurfacing/slurry seal testing, low-temperature fatigue and studded wheel tests. HMA-820 operates at 208V/50-60Hz.


  • Cools main chamber to -9°C (15°F)
  • Allows HM-457 to perform other tests
  • Maintains accurate control of chamber temperature

Included Items:

  • Chiller for APA Jr.
Electrical 208V/50-60Hz
Estimated Shipping Weight 96.0lb (43.55kg)

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Electrical 208V/50-60Hz
Estimated Shipping Weight 96.0lb (43.55kg)