Abrasives-Silicon Carbide Grit

Model: HMA-240
Price: $318.00
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HMA-240 Abrasives-Silicon Carbide Grit is the 150-grit size polishing agent used with the HM-614 Accelerated Polishing Machine to determine the polish value of coarse aggregates. HMA-240 is sold in a 50lb container; approximately 10lbs (4.5kg) of grit is used per test.


  • 150-grit size conforms with ASTM D3319

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  • HMA-240 Abrasives-Silicon Carbide Grit
Quantity 50lb
Estimated Shipping Weight 55.0lb (24.95kg)

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Quantity 50lb
Estimated Shipping Weight 55.0lb (24.95kg)
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