8" All Stainless Extended Rim Pan, Full Height

Model: V8SFXPE
Price: $32.00

V8SFXPE 8in (203mm) Extended Rim Pan is a stainless steel full-height sieve pan with a rim, allowing two series of test sieves to be processed in a single stack in sieve shakers. The pan features a flange allowing it to nest between sieves and collect fines from the top series. This item optimizes sieving efficiencies when a smaller number of size fractions for each test are needed.


  • Special rim allows multiple sieve tests in one stack
  • Optimizes sieving efficiency


  • 8in All Stainless Extended Rim Pan, Full Height
Frame Diameter 8in (203mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 2.0lb (0.91kg)

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Frame Diameter 8in (203mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 2.0lb (0.91kg)
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