ASTM C143/143M

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Aluminum Slump Base
Model: HM-68
Deluxe EZ-Clean Slump Test Sets
Models: HM-410, HM-410P
Deluxe Slump Test Set
Model: HM-401
EZ-Clean Slump Base
Model: HM-31
EZ-Clean Slump Cone, Base and Rod Sets
Models: HM-403, HM-403P
Measuring Tapes

Measuring Tapes

Starting at $12.00
Models: TSA-275, TSA-279
Plastic Slump Cones

Plastic Slump Cones

Starting at $27.50
Models: HM-39, HM-39F
Slump Cone Filling Funnel
Model: HM-53
Slump Cone, Base and Rod Set
Model: HM-40
Steel Slump Cone

Steel Slump Cone

Starting at $42.00
Models: HM-45, HM-45M
Tamping Rods

Tamping Rods

Starting at $7.00
Models: HM-48A, HM-48, HM-47, HM-63