4in Circular Paper Discs (Package of 1,000)

Model: MSA-120
Price: $41.00

Gilson MSA-120 and MSA-121 Paper Discs prevent hot-mix asphalt samples from sticking to baseplates or compaction heads in Marshall or Superpave Gyratory Compaction Molds.


  • Strong and tear-resistant, with smooth edges
  • Available in two sizes: MSA-120 for both 4in and 100mm, or MSA-121 for 6in and 150mm molds
  • Discs are 0.0007-0.008in thick and made of 100lb paper stock
  • Meets AASHTO T 245, ASTM D5581 and ASTM D6926 standards

Included Items:

  • Paper Discs
Quantity Package of 1,000
Estimated Shipping Weight 3.0lb (1.36kg)

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Quantity Package of 1,000
Estimated Shipping Weight 3.0lb (1.36kg)
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