400ml Cylindrical Unit Measure

Model: HMA-136
Price: $98.00

HMA-136 400ml Cylindrical Unit Measure is a mortar-resistant metal measure used in determining air content of hydraulic cement and for Vicat cone penetration testing of masonry mortars. Calibrated 400ml capacity with 1/8” (3mm) uniform wall thickness. Works with the HM-300 Standard Vicat Apparatus in testing hydraulic cement, mortar and grout.


  • Mortar-resistant
  • Calibrated to contain 400ml
  • 1/8” (3mm) uniform wall thickness

Included Items:

  • HMA-136 400ml Cylindrical Unit Measure


Estimated Shipping Weight 3.0lb (1.36kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 3.0lb (1.36kg)
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