Digital Scales and Balances

Gilson carries a wide range of digital scales and balances — from sensitive laboratory precision models to rugged industrial scales for lab or field use. Models are available in a wide range of capacities (both g and lb) and styles.


Digital Lab Scales

Designed for laboratory or field, digital scales and balances meet your weighing application needs with precision and accuracy. Many models accept included or optional weigh-below hooks for specific gravity determinations, and most have multiple selectable weighing units.

  • A&D FG-K Bench/Platform Scales are designed for laboratory or field use. They have a stainless steel weighing platform and can weigh in lb or kg measurements. Models are available in 60lb (30,000g), 150lb (60kg) and 300lb (150kg) capacities.
  • A&D GP Series Industrial Balances are available in capacities from 12,000 to 101,000g (26 to 222lb). These precision industrial models have a swing-arm to easily position the display at any angle.
  • A&D Newton Compact Balances are portable and efficient. The compact balances come in capacities ranging from 120g to 6,100g. The LCD display is equipped with a backlight and a one-second response time. Optional (RS-232C) (USB) interface for A&D Newton Balances is easily installed and allows weighing data to be printed or collected on user’s PC.
  • Adam CPW Plus Bench Scales work well for everyday laboratory weight determinations, and come in capacities ranging from 13 to 440lb (6 to 200kg).
  • Adam Cruiser CKT Bench Scales are available in 4 to 48kg capacity and 0.1g to 0.5g readability. They are durable, compact and versatile. These units feature a sealed keypad, backlit LCD display, RS-232 interface with optional USB connectivity, automatic zero tracking for minor variations, rechargeable battery with AC adapter, and optional weigh-below hook capability. 
  • Adam Eclipse® High Capacity Balances are high capacity, affordable, precision  models with an easily-visible LCD backlit display that is either mounted on a column or attached.
  • Adam GBK Bench Scales are high-capacity units that range from 8,000g to 120kg (16 to 260lb). They have a large backlit LCD display, stainless steel weighing platform, rechargeable batteries and splash-proof ABS housing.
  • Adam Nimbus Precision Balances are equipped with a removable draft shield and easy-to-read LCD display. These balances come in capacities ranging from 220g to 22,000g.
  • Adam Portable Precision Balances are rugged rechargeable balances that work well in a wide range of everyday weighing applications. Capacities range from 120g to 3,000g.
  • Ohaus Adventurer Precision Balances are high-resolution models well-suited for laboratory, industrial and educational applications. Several models are offered in capacities ranging from 220g to 8,200g.
  • Ohaus Defender® 5000 Bench Scales are available in 12.5kg to 500kg (25 to 1000lb) capacities. Designed for demanding industrial applications, they feature 50,000 item memory capacity and multiple connectivity options for data transfer.
  • Ohaus Explorer Analytical Balances feature fast performance, intuitive software and readability to 0.0001g. These units are available in capacities of 120g, 220g and 320g.
  • Ohaus Explorer Precision Balances are equipped with multiple weighing units and intuitive software. Select from models with capacities ranging from 220g to 10,200g.
  • Ohaus Explorer® Precision High Capacity Balances come in 12kg, 24kg and 35kg (26, 52 and 77lb) capacities and are equipped with stainless steel platforms to weigh large items. Modular displays are detachable for remote mounting.
  • Ohaus Pioneer Precision Balances offer accuracy, durability, economy and simple operation, with capacities from 1,600 to 4,200g and readability at 0.01 or 0.1g. Select from models featuring USB and RS232 connectivity, and with or without an internal calibration feature. These economical balances perform well in essential laboratory weighing applications. 
  • Ohaus Ranger® 7000 Compact Bench Scales are available in 3,000g to 35,000g (6 to 70lb) capacities. They are designed for demanding industrial applications, and feature an exclusive sieve analysis mode. These bench scales are available in standard and high-resolution capabilities.