Clearance, 2,000g Pycnometer Canister Only
Model: RPSG-16A-3CL
Clearance Details:
  • Return - used, but still functions properly
Clearance, 4in Indirect Tensile Loading Fixture
Model: MS-35CL
Clearance Details:
  • Discontinued Style, New
Clearance, 5gal Bucket & Cover
Model: MAA-141CL

Clerance Details:

  • New - cosmetic dent from shipping
Clearance, NCAT Asphalt Field Permeameter
Model: APA-11BCL
Clearance Details:
  • New/Minor chip on corner of the base, works fine
    Clearance, Stainless Steel Whip for Old Style 30 qrt Mixer
    Model: MAA-263CL
    Clearance Details:
    • New/Old Style
      Clearance, Small Marshall Water Bath (120V / 60Hz)
      Model: MSA-130CL
      Clearance Details:
      • Returned, Gently used - heating element replaced.
      Clearance, Quartermaster Asphalt Sample Divider
      Model: SP-55CLClearance Details:
      • Damaged from shipping - repaired small dent and a few scratches
      Clearance, ATS Computer Controlled Bending Beam Rheometer (115V / 60Hz)
      Model: HM-59CLClearance Details:
      • Returned - used once (includes 1-year warranty)