Speedy 2000 Moisture Testers

Speedy Moisture Testers - Designed to comply with ASTM D4944, AASHTO T217 and FLORIDA FM 5-507 methods for Gas Pressure Moisture Testers and provide efficient and accurate moisture determinations in the field, the Speedy Moisture Testers are readily accepted for rapid, accurate and reliable moisture tests on all kinds of materials including sand, aggregates, ores, coal, soils, ceramics, abrasives and other powders. These units are portable, easy to use and do not require a power supply. Samples can be tested on-site, eliminating the risk of moisture loss during transport. The tester’s readings can be plotted and correlated with laboratory oven-dried moistures for increased accuracy.

Four models are available to fit requirements based on particle size, percent moisture range and the level of gauge accuracy required.  The Standard Speedys are the better choice for smaller sample testing, and the Large Speedy Kits are able to hold larger samples.

Picture of Standard Speedy 2000 Moisture Testers
Models: MA-20A, MA-21A
Price: Starting at $1,259.00
Picture of Large Speedy 2000 Moisture Testers
Models: MA-25, MA-25C
Price: Starting at $1,557.50