Materials Testing Equipment by Gilson
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Gilson Testing Screen Gilson Testing Screen
The Gilson Testing Screen is ideal for particle size determinations of crushed stone, sand and gravel, slag, ores, wood-chips and similar coarse materials. For over sixty five years Gilson has manufactured the Testing Screen.
Gilson Testing Screen Type B Pressure Meter
Gilson's Pressure Meter for concrete air testing has many improvements that make it a better buy. Dimensions and accuracy exceed the requirements of ASTM.
Gilson Slump Cone Slump Cone Test
Gilson’s slump cones are heavy-gauge, seamless, plated steel construction and meet ASTM C-143 and AASHTO T119 requirements.
Gilson Infrared Thermometer Infrared Digital Thermometer
Gilson carries a large selection of thermometers, including the latest digital models. See our selection guide to find a model that meets your needs.
Gilson UltraSiever GilSonic UltraSiever®
The Gilson UltraSiever uses up to 7 8" diameter full-height test sieves, has programmable time, amplitude, and vertical or horizontal tapping sequences.
Gilson Bench Oven Bench Ovens
Gilson's extensive line of ovens include quality standard features and a wide range of options at a reduced cost. Our selection guide will assist you in choosing the best model for your needs.
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