Tamping Rods

24 x 5/8in Tamping Rod
24 x 5/8in Tamping Rod
Model: HM-48A
Price: $9.00
24 x 5/8in Tamping Rod w/ Measuring Scale
24 x 5/8in Tamping Rod w/ Measuring Scale
Model: HM-48
Price: $19.50
12 x 3/8in Tamping Rod
12 x 3/8in Tamping Rod
Model: HM-47
Price: $7.00
18x 3/8in Tamping Rod
18x 3/8in Tamping Rod
Model: HM-63
Price: $8.00

Gilson Tamping Rods are used in consolidation of concrete specimens for slump, air content, and strength tests. Plated steel rods have hemispherical tips as required by specifications.

HM-48A and HM-48 Tamping Rods are used when forming 6x12in cylinder specimens and for many other tests are 24x5/8in (610x16mm), LxD. HM-48 model has imprinted measuring scale in 1/4in increments. HM-48A is plain with no markings.

HM-47 Small Tamping Rod is required when molding 4x8in concrete cylinder specimens, and are 12x3/8in (305x10mm), LxD.

HM-63 Long Tamping Rod is 18x3/8in (457x10mm) LxD and meets both Canadian and ASTM Standards for consolidation of 4x8in (102x203mm) concrete cylinders.

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