Thermocure Portable Curing Boxes

For true field portability and on-the-job convenience, lightweight Thermocure models are unbeatable for storing concrete test specimens within standard humidity/temperature conditions. Up to 22 test specimens of 6x12in (152x302mm) cylinders can be stored at 73° ±3°F (23° ±2°C) over an ambient range of -10°—100°F (-23°—37.8°C).

 Both models have the same tough, insulated plastic rustproof box with removable galvanized rack. The cover has a gasket, stainless steel hinges and plated buckles with padlock loops. Lifting handles are provided on each end of the box for transport.

*Note: Curing Boxes are oversized and can only be shipped via motor freight.

Picture of Deluxe Curing Box
Model: HM-49
Price: $3,743.00
Picture of Economy Curing Box
Model: HM-50
Price: $2,587.00