Thermocure Portable Curing Boxes

Thermocure Portable Curing Boxes accommodate up to 22 concrete 6x12in (152x302mm) cylinders for proper initial curing and protected storage within standard humidity/temperature conditions. Cylinders can be stored at 73° ±3°F (23°±2°C) over an ambient range of -10°-100°F (-23°-37.8°C).

Models feature tough, insulated plastic rustproof containers with removable galvanized racks. Covers have gaskets, stainless steel hinges and plated buckles with padlock loops. Lifting handles are provided on each end for easy transport when empty.

HM-49 Deluxe Curing Boxes have a recirculating heating and cooling temperature control unit for easy operation, especially in high ambient temperature applications. Controls include temperature set buttons, digital water temperature readout (°F or °C) and indicator lights to show when heating or cooling models are on.

HM-50 Economy Curing Boxes have a 1,500 Watt heater (cooling is accomplished by fresh water circulation only), an adjustable temperature control and a 3in (76mm) dial thermometer.


  • Optimal storage for up to 22 concrete test specimens
  • Insulated, rustproof boxes have removable racks for easy cleaning and adjustment
  • Durable handles promote easy transport
  • Compliant with current ASTM and AASHTO specifications

Included Items:

  • HM-49 Deluxe Curing Box


  • HM-50 Economy Curing Box
Inside Dimensions 18x54x17in (457x1,372x432mm), DxWxH
Outside Dimensions WxDxH, in (cm) 75x25x21 (1,905x635x533)
Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 200lb (91kg)
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