Softening Point Ring and Ball Apparatus

Model: LP-16
Price: $90.00

Ring and Ball Apparatus is used for determining the softening point of asphalt, coal tar pitch, and other viscoelastic bitumens in the range of 30°—157°C (86°—315°F). Steel balls are placed on top of bitumen specimen disks in test rings in a bath. Temperature of the bath is increased gradually until the specimens soften and fall under the ball weight to the shelf 1in (25.4mm) below. The Softening Point Apparatus provides for simultaneous testing of two specimens as suggested in standard test procedures. The LP-16 Apparatus includes two square-shouldered brass test rings, two 3/8in (9.5mm) steel balls, two brass ball-centering guide rings, an 800ml heat-resistant beaker (bath), and a brass ring holder suspension assembly with cover and shelf to fit beaker as per specs. If not already available in the lab, a Tirrill Burner, ASTM Softening Point Thermometers, and a Beaker Stand Assembly should also be purchased. The Beaker Stand Assembly includes metal support stand, ring clamp, wire gauze, and thermometer clamp.

Applications Asphalt, coal tar pitch, and other viscoelastic bitumens
Estimated Shipping Weight lb (kg) 5lb (2kg)
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