Gilson California Splitter

The SP-12CA Splitter was designed by and constructed for the California Department of Transportation to meet CalTrans 201 requirements for coarse aggregate splitters. The large capacity, 1.9ft³ (53.8L) gate-release hopper assures accuracy when mixing and dividing bulk aggregate into representative samples. Ten 2-1/4in (57.2mm) fixed chutes process particle sizes up to 1-1/8in (28.6mm). The sturdy, heavy-gauge welded steel frame with painted, baked finish is built for extended service life with heavy use. Swivel casters permit mobility and easy storage. Reinforced pans have sturdy handles for convenient handling of heavy samples.

SP-12CG models are supplied with standard steel sample pans.

SP-12CA models are identical to SP-12CG models except they include sample pans fabricated of light-weight aluminum for easier handling when loaded.


  • Compliant with CalTrans 201 specifications for coarse aggregate splitters
  • Large-capacity gate-release hopper delivers representative samples
  • Durable steel frame designed for extended service life
  • Swivel casters promote lab mobility

Included Items:

  • Gilson California Splitter
  • Two 1.2ft³ (34L) capacity, welded steel sample pans (SP-12CA)
  • Two 1.2ft³ (34L) capacity aluminum sample pans (SP-12CG)

Optional Accessories:

Applications Bulk aggregate
Maximum Particle Size 1-1/8in (28.6mm)
Hopper Capacity ft³ (L) 1.9 (53.8)
Numbers of Chute Bars 10
Chute Width 2-1/4in (57.2mm)
Dimensions, in (mm) WxDxH 29x28x46in (737x711x1,169mm), WxDxH.
Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 244lbs (111kg)
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