Clear Nesting Cylinders for Gilson Wet-Vac®

Clear Nesting Cylinder for 12in Sieves
Clear Nesting Cylinder for 12in Sieves
Model: WVA-110
Price: $267.50
Clear Nesting Cylinder for Gilson Wet-Vac® 8in Sieves
Model: WVA-112
Price: $119.50

The Gilson Wet-Vac® is a completely self-contained particle sizing system for wet sieving applications. The WVA-110 Clear Acrylic Cylinder accommodates 12in sieves and allows visual monitoring of sieving performance and associated water levels. The precision-machined cylinder fits the WV-1 or WV-3 Gilson Wet-Vac®. The WVA-112 8in Clear Acrylic Cylinder nests with 8in sieves on the WV-3 or WV-2.

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