Digital Dial Indicators
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$375.00 MA-360  Dial Indicator-Digital (0.25 x 0.0001")
$385.00 MA-361  Dial Indicator-Digital (0.25 x 0.00005")
$385.00 MA-363  Dial Indicator-Digital (0.6 x 0.001")
$425.00 MA-364  Dial Indicator-Digital (0.6 x 0.00005")
$395.00 MA-366  Dial Indicator-Digital (1 x 0.0001")
$445.00 MA-367  Dial Indicator-Digital (1 x 0.00005")
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HMA-338 Magnetic Gauge/Dial ... ($71.00)
MAA-70 Dial Indicator, Exte... ($2.50)
MAA-72 Dial Indicator, Exte... ($3.00)
MAA-74 Dial Indicator, Exte... ($3.25)
MAA-76 Dial Indicator, Exte... ($3.25)
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1.0 pounds   0.5 kilograms
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Dial Indicator-Digital (0.25 x 0.0001")
MA-366, Digital Dial Indicator Enlarge Photo
MA-366, Digital Dial Indicator

MA-360 Digital Dial Indicators

Digital Dial Indicators are in/mm switchable, and include a “hold” feature which allows the user to lock peak readings on the digital display. All are supplied with batteries designed to provide 250 hours of use. Order Extended Contact Points and Magnetic Gauge Holder separately.

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